So by no means do I consider myself an expert in the field of statistics, but I do know what I know. That being said what I know is how to apply statistical techniques in the process of continual quality improvement. It is not theoretical statistics, but rather practical applied statistics.

The fact is I have spent countless hours studying statistics, first as a student and then later as a lecturer. But knowledge is like a fire – it only grows if you feed it and it is exposed. For the seeds of statistical knowledge that I’ve acquired to be cultivated and fruitful, I will present them here and thereby secure maximum benefit for all.

Data Types for Quantitative Analysis

Theme One: Pareto Analysis

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  1. Heinrich said:

    Lady B, you say it like your a fire fighter, but life’s learnings are 80% practical experience and 20% knowledge gained, that being said, I love your smaak your team.

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