A tumultuous week is the best word that I can think of to describe this week so far.  Started at the new company on Monday, and what a remarkably different perspective of the corporate industry compared to my last experience!  It is still early days, but the “road signs” seem different at this company, the attitude is less ominous.  The people seem more real.  Perhaps just my imagination, or as I pointed out, just early days, but an example of a vast difference between the attitude at this new organisation and the one at my previous employer is on the first day, when on training, at lunch time the trainer and myself and fellow trainee left the room in which we were getting training.  Instinctively I asked where I could put my laptop for safe keeping.  Without thinking he replied, “Leave it here in the boardroom, it will be perfectly safe”.  A refreshing change.  At worst, I looking forward to enjoying the next four months, working in a non-threatening environment.

Students also wrote on Monday night, minor hitches but predominantly went off ok.  Stayed at campus till 22:30 and the marking will begin tonight. .  Another day half day of training followed yesterday, and then I rushed off to make a 2hr biking lesson.  I then also went to see a good old friend perform at the Artscape last night.  This morning started with proposal class again.  Proposal class went well this morning, I’m feeling more comfortable with the idea of attempting to analyse my own qualitative data.  We had a lesson in coding and talks on data validity and ethics.  I believe I know what to do, but in between all the other priorities I honestly dont know when I’m going to do it… bearing in mind I still have to finish my modified literature review/conceptual framework based on the renewed focal point of my research.

Then still, Bike licence test tomorrow

Team building and Bespoke meeting on Friday

SJMC big walk on Saturday and 

Satori trail run on Sunday……

Oh well, and on and on and on we go…