Except I don’t really mean oops.  I won’t apologise.  It’s a few hours to deadline and I must submit something before tomorrow.  And I’ve only just started reading on Data Analysis, Validity, Ethics and Budget and Timeline.  In fact a few minutes ago I would not have been able to give you those subheadings because I didn’t know what I was supposed to write about.

The past week has been so busy.  I truthfully had no time to read up on them, so I won’t feel guilty.

I’m on the final contact session of my editing course too – and I believe we’re writing a test tomorrow.  But I’m also just not gonna study.  I guess it’s about priorities and then it’s also about what is practically possible.  The extra editing course was very expensive – R5000, but I’m shooting in the dark trying to study for that test anyway.  I’m not a language undergrad.

The CHEC course was less expensive, but the value and my interest level is more…..personal priority.  At the same time, there are certain things (information) that I just don’t have access to at this stage, so even finishing the CHEC proposal seems to be uncertain but I forge ahead anyway.

Travelling home today I reflected a bit about the goals I’ve inadvertently set.  It mirrors real life. My feeling is in real life we keep chasing that first high – that first time we experienced happiness for whatever reason.  However I’m starting to suspect you never ever really hit that high again – instead you just keep challenging yourself to greater feats. Because you’ve already accomplished something, so you set your goal posts higher without even thinking that what you now aiming for is even beyond what you first thought was impossible.  That’s what I did.  A few years ago I was ‘nothing more that a mother’ – that in itself is something to be so grateful for.  Then things happened and I felt the need to start studying again.  At the time, I thought it was impossible to be a mother (single mother mind you) and a student.  But I nailed it.  Then I took on a second job……and now I’m trying to balance being a single working mom, with a second job and being a student.  It’s crazy.  Seeing my words in black and white makes me realise it’s crazy.  In addition I’m running an odd half marathon here and there too.  I’m going to need to take stock sometime……just not now.  Because now I need to finish what I started.  Oh blow it, and bring it.  Life is beautiful.  I think I’ll have a spin while I work.