Almost almost, just not quite there yet. I saw an interesting post on FB earlier. It said “When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same for when you are Stupid” This nothing to do with my blog, or what I’m writing about today, but it had me in stitches so I’m sharing that first.

So “Land Ahoy!!” in my case means I feel like I’ve almost reached a little pit-stop on my journey. I submitted my CHEC proposal on Wednesday. I am making a pledge to myself that it’s not ending there.

I will either do the PG Dip at CPUT if my contract at Cipla is not extended, and then for my D. Tech do research in Educational Technologies, or if my contract is extended then I’ll start with the D. Tech or PhD as of next year and conduct my research on Resistance (Non-adoption) of Quality Culture. It feels good to have a plan.

But for now, I’m winding down, catching up with my marking. I still owe Jan-Hendrik an editing assignment, but I tick that box by Tuesday for the latest and then will also just keep going with my administration for the CPUT related work so I don’t fall behind there. blah dee blah blah blah Boring!

The exciting news is Din-Din Club has decided to go Sky Diving for Roberto’s birthday! Super excited about that. I’ve been speaking wanting to go Sky Diving for two years now it’s time to just do it!

Then other really cool news is I met an ex-Springbok captain. Like seriously, SERIOUSLY, how cool is that. He works with me at Cipla. And he was Not just a player, the Captain baby! I am completely loving this moment, delighting in a small pleasure, and why not. It’s mine. 2014-09-19 16.54.26Yes I will admit, I had absolutely no idea of who he was before he told me, but I can respect awesomeness when I come across it. And his achievements are way up there on the awesome gauge. In addition I must add as well, he is a really nice guy too….well the whole 15 minutes I chatted to him he seemed nice so I’m going with that. Divan Serfontein just won himself another great fan.