Joshua AwardSo like remember two weeks back when I told you about Josh and I that were working on his Science Project and we didn’t see eye to eye?, Well…My Boy got an Award for that project tonight. Super, Awesome Rocking Cool!!!!!

I can’t explain how happy I am for him. And for me, this is a huge victory. The look on his face. Proud moment for mom. Kachow

Then on the topic of my own research, I am rather pleased, uh uh I am stoked that my Prof gave me the go ahead to tweak my sample. Well, proposed sample, that is. Proposal almost due (tick tock tick tock tick tock) and with this latest permission that I was granted, I believe I have robust framework. I must just put all the pieces together now, and properly.

Prof agreed to let me do an in-depth study, as opposed to the wider superficial study we originally thought of. Instead scanning over 12 organisations in a more general way, I am now aiming to drill down deep and look at how the quality culture of 3 organisations will impact the quality management practices of those organisations.

Because of this reduced number of samples, he is now allowing me to select one industry….drum roll…da da da da dum, and the lucky recipient is the Pharma Industry! Yeah baby Yeah. I am genuinely feeling so excited. Part of me wants to rush out and start doing the ethnography already!

But I must be patient, finish my proposal properly, do my groundwork. I wanna nail this. I wanna do this well, I wanna make a mark. yeah sounds about right