Thank you Bertrand van der Heyden. One thing I clearly remember from my Christian Brother College days. Machiavelli said “the end justifies the means” I think it was history class, but I think it had nothing to do with history. Bert was just really good with words and languages, part of his charm, and about a half dozen other stuff.

But for whatever reason I remember Si guarda al fine…and that was enough motivation for me to make a plan. It’s vrek cold. Winter has invaded Cape Town with unrelenting vengeance, and I had no choice but to turn my cupboard inside out, chucked all the clothes in it onto the floor – my room looks like a mess! All in search of my finger-less gloves.

Finger-less gloves are a winter essential for a student. Heck for everyone! I need to feel the keys on my keyboard (non-negotiable) and I need to work (another non-negotiable). My hands do not need to get cold while I’m working, so after my unsuccessful attempt mission to find any one of the pairs of three pairs of finger-less gloves I had in winter last year, I eventually settled for a new shower glove and a old solo navy blue woolen glove that I found stranded in the laundry basket with all the single socks. I snipped off the finger tips and Bob’s your Uncle! I have a trendy new pair of finger-less gloves! Pink and Blue, Loving it! The end justifies the means.

finger-less gloves

The day is saved. My work can continue…