Being rather brave indeed, I am.

Publically stating something like that. But it is true. Some of the greatest accomplishments that I achieved were things/heights that were unfathomable and it started with a random wild thought. Things I wasn’t supposed to be able to do. But I started working toward the unthinkable and pretending to know what I was doing until I figured it out.

Most notable example was when I started lecturing Stats. In the beginning every week I would re-study the content of the course. Sure I passed Stats 3 and Stats 4, not to badly even. I think 88% for Stats 3 and 70% for Stats 4. But I sure as hell was not competent, enough by my own standards to present the subject when I did! The students in those first classes will probably agree with me. I love you Mr. Russel (my lecturer), for giving me the chance to prove myself. Because that’s exactly what I did. Extensive hours of studying, then writing notes, and doing worked exercises each week up until minutes before I presented class was what it took to pull it off – Faked it till I made it.

Well now see here, I’m doing it again! I was just accepted to attend a highly valued CHEC Course on ‘Writing for Publication’. Oh MAN. I’m so grateful! The department I work for is going to pay for it, and there are renowned Professors from all the CHEC Universities in Western Cape (UWC, UCT, US and CPUT) facilitating on the course. I need to publish, and all help, every little bit or big bit, is welcomed with open arms.

So to get on the course I needed to write an extended abstract, and I didn’t exactly lie, but I can neither confirm, nor can I deny that I might of, or might not of written what I intended to do in a way that might of, or perhaps might not of made it sound like I did it already, Perhaps, Maybe. Something like that.

I wrote about my quantitative data – and that I do have. However I might have mentioned qualitative data as well – which I don’t have yet. ‘Yet’ being the operative word. But bugger it. I’ll get the data!, and I really don’t know how, but some time between this month and the end of next month I will also learn how to analyse qualitative data 🙂  Yeah that sounds about right.

Bottom line my abstract was accepted. So I’ll be packing my little red suitcase and off I’m going to Stellenbosch for 3 days in November to learn how to write even better than what I do now. What I do know is hard work pays off. Sometimes I  get burned. But 8/10 times I get it right. The other 2/10 times… well I either learn something or I have an excuse to have a uhmmm cough cough dinner club pity party.

Fake it till you make it Baby