Feeling blessed!

Feeling blessed!

So this is a picture of the group that went to Mont Fleur, the publishing workshop I was so desperately keen to get onto. I’m feeling so blessed that I had that opportunity… It was everything was I hoping for and more.

I will have to write a whole separate entry on the wine farm itself, Mont Fleur – it was breathtakingly BEAUtiful. The very last farm on road, nestled in the middle of the Stellenbosch Mountains – a perfect recluse for writing. And yet, it is interesting to note that even in this wonderfully beautiful and potentially distracting scenery, every member of the group was very focussed on or absorbed in their work.

For me that environment added to the experience. I loved being surrounded by like-minded people. Everyone was so completely ‘into’ their research. My experience was that every participant added to the overall learning experience, and it was such a privilege to be part of this group who willingly shared their knowledge from their own personal experience and journal articles as well as whatever else they could during our workshop. For example, doing a quick crash communal training/learning session on Atlas TI was not part of the programme, but after a full day, after dinner, about half the group met in the conference room again to share knowledge on Atlas TI.  Who does that? Only nerds I guess ..♥) I love being a nerd. The support that I was given as a young emerging researcher during this workshop was invaluable. And it’s not only going to add to my research projects, but also to my supervisory skill. Their support, through me, is a support for my students.

I’m loving the word ‘conceptual framework’…because I think I finally understand it. Confidence is what this workshop gave me. That’s why it was invaluable, Confidence cannot be bought.

However my bed beckons me now…2 minutes before midnight. I shall blog some more about this again, but in order to avoid any unnecessary risks of turning into a pumpkin and what not, I bid thee night night dear fair readers, sleep tight and happy dreams to match my happy day.