I guess it feels more real than ever before now. It certainly feels more like Masters than what it ever has since I started the Doctorate.

I am finding myself putting the teeny pieces together, slowly, tiny bit by tiny bit. And it’s like a gazillion piece jigsaw puzzle! I’ll be wasting my time if I rush or if it doesn’t make sense – so there’s no point in writing rubbish.

So to ensure that I don’t write rubbish, the sequence goes a bit like this:

  1. Look at my research questions
  2. Say a quick silent prayer that I actually finally have approved research questions!
  3. Scratch my head and rub my temples
  4. Put the kettle on to boil water for coffee
  5. Sit down and think really hard, if this was a story that started with ‘Once upon a time…’ what would catch my attention? hmmmm
  6. Scribble a very rudimentary story line down
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6
  8. Decide on an argument to start with, something captivating…decide on the words, then google the words to see who said something like that
  9. Type that sentence
  10. Reference it. Spend 10 minutes looking for the university reference guide again
  11. Once I find the university reference guide, go boil water for coffee again
  12. Add the reference to my reference list
  13. Decide on the next supporting sentence
  14. Reference the next sentence
  15. Put the words of the counter argument into google because I feel it needs to sound balanced
  16. Make the coffee
  17. Start reading about the counter argument
  18. Stumble on an interesting new word in text. Decide to look up on that
  19. Start reading an a different but related topic
  20. Check Facebook
  21. Read my work again and think to myself ‘What on earth am I doing?’
  22. Change the structure of the first two sentences
  23. Read my work and think to myself ‘I got this, I know what I’m doing!’
  24. Fix the mistake I made in the original reference
  25. Read my work and think to myself ‘I don’t have a cooking clue what I’m doing!’
  26. Type the third sentence
  27. Reference it
  28. Check my blog and pluck my eyebrows /or take a shower/ or water the plants and drink some cold coffee
  29. Start with step 1 again
  30. Repeat a gazillion times

I am sure after the gazillionth time in hopefully about two years from now I will be sitting with a absolute beaut and masterpiece 😍

As long as I keep this up of course…

On a slightly different note, Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 be an auspicious one for you all. I will share that my new year started off well as the minions and I accompanied the parentals on a tour of Robben Island this weekend. Long overdue for us. What a magnificent enriching experience. And the cherry on top was lunch with the rest of Femilyum after the tour. Boy it’s great to have the minions back home! Happiness prevails.

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till later Peeps….gots to get back to step 29