So I survived clothing shopping with my 11yr old daughter last Thursday #SelfHi5!

Besides the mandatory winters jeans and tops,the real purpose of the clothing shopping was to get her spectator outfit, Very Important see. A very particular spectator outfit, …a Candy Floss Pink hooded tracksuit to go with her pink and blue trainers that she planned on wearing the Saturday morning, when I did my 6th Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon (OMTOhM).

2015-04-04 11.27.48

Previous runs with my Boeties

My faithful affair with OMTOM started when I went to UCT to support my brother Jason when he did his first OMTOhM in 2009. That auspicious morning was the one when I decided, “I’m gonna do this too!” The vibe at the finish line was just so amazing. A contagious excitement and electricity prevailed in the atmosphere around the sports grounds. I saw people of all shapes and sizes and ages crossing the line. A person dressed as Superman, and MinaMoo and a chap in pink tutu, which led me to think “if they can do it, I can do it too”. So, in January 2010, I started training. In July 2010 I did my first half marathon with Jason (PPC Half in Riebeeck Wes) and the plan was to do my first Oceans in 2011.

Our youngest brother Andre heard of the plan, and he said that he was keen too. So the end of 2010, all three of us entered. And, on the 23rd April 2011 we all ran. We didn’t run as a trio – because they are faster than what I am, we decided not to. However we all started and crossed the same finish line. From then, running  became a family thing. Doing runs became  bonding events not only for the siblings, but for the whole family. The parentals became the trio’s greatest supporters. In fact, at races they sometimes appear to be more excited than we are! Dad always takes his fancy camera to get snaps and vids of us as we run by them, and Mom is the scout who alerts him when we are approaching.

Besides supporting us at the bigger local runs like Oceans and Gun Run around Cape Town, the whole family has headed up the West Coast once and Knysna twice already. My minions, our parents and partners, other family members and sometimes our friends have hired a house for the weekend in the area where the running event takes place. Always great fun and something to look forward. Our next one is Knysna Forest Half Marathon happening in July during the Oyster Festival.

What made this year’s OMTOhM different to the ones we have done in the past, is that this year when we ran, we ran as one. And this year the official OMTOM theme was #RunAsOne. This year, when Micaiah stood there in her pretty Candy Floss Pink tracksuit  waiting for us to pass, she got to see all of us. She saw Uncle Jason and his lovely girlfriend Aunty Monique, Uncle Andre and myself. A special one.

In 2014 I did 12 half marathons in less than one year. That was something I was rather proud of. In 2011 in my first Oceans I crossed the finish line in a PB time of 1h52 mins, also something I’m proud of … but this one was my best one ever. Nothing will top it.


Another one bites the dust

So why the Candy Floss Pink tracksuit? I really don’t know. But my poppet looked perfectly lovely, like every mom’s little princess should look. And I have a suspicion that she might just have started a trend. And next year, when we see all the other little spectator girls wearing pretty pink tracksuits, we will know who to thank!