It’s just time to blog again. Truth be told I don’t have the time to write a well formulated, planned and edited blog. There are many important little things that happened so I’m just going to bullet point.

  • I’ve been speaking about “something” related to the PhD which was a really good thing however not confirmed. And actually I’ve been waiting on official confirmation since the end of last year. What happened is I was awarded a research grant. The sponsor made enough money available for someone to take over my teaching load while I continue my research. But as things would happen, the university is STILL trying to finalise the contracts for this matter. #FacePalm. It’s ridiculous. I won’t comment on that any further. In the meantime, I actually just decided to pretend everything is finalised and I’ve been continuing with my research. I have not been presenting any classes at university, because I need to finish writing at the end of this year – as per the agreement I made with my sponsor.
  • I co-presented a talk at the Open Education Resources (OER) global conference! This was totally unexpected. I’ve been involved with an OER project and all the project members were invited to attend. After I signed up to attend, one of my colleagues on the project asked if myself and another would co-present with her, on work we did during Fees Must Fall student protests. What stands out for me is, when I do whatever I do, I just do it because I think I must do it. I just think I’m just doing my job. I was merely responding to the situation. I used technology to teach because that was the best solution I saw. It was really so humbling when I got such positive external feedback (not my friends or my own students) who validated what I did.
  • I’ve gotten involved with another private project. I’m currently presenting a blended Introduction to Quality short course to a private laboratory… just because. I’m taking it as a learning curve – I have no idea how it is going to be accepted by industry but it’s something new and different for me. I think.. I hope it will make a difference to some of the participants. The main message that I want to convey with this course is a compliance culture is NOT a quality culture, when it comes to quality management.
  • I have finished my draft of Chapter Two of the PhD. It must still be reviewed by my supervisor, but it’s a milestone for me, because it felt like that chapter took forever to write – since November last year! It was literature review and I just read and read and read…. and read some more! Reading takes more time that writing, but without reading, you can’t write. When I got my data back from my attempted pilot study, I did not know what to do with it last year. By going back and doing a proper theory study, I am so much more confident. I am also feeling so good about my work. I went to visit my supervisor at DUT in February as well and it was a good visit. I have direction, even though it seems as if I still have the hugest mountain ahead of me.
  • This is enough writing on my blog now, because I need to get on with the tasks on my to-do list:) For someone that’s supposedly on sabbatical, I’m finding that I’m awfully busy.
  • Finally some pics. Each year I take my minions away for a weekend to spend some QT with them. This year we had our minion weekend at Club Mykonos in Langebaan. They really are  my two best little friends, even though I am genuinely still tempted to sell them on eBay from time to time #FamilyLove

.PS: Happy St. Patrick’s Day y’all for today

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you, wherever you go.   images