Does anyone remember the time I was randomly invited by someone I worked with to the social of a biking club – The Knights of St Christopher Motorcycle Club? Didn’t have a bike but dang it, I then joined the biking club … thereafter I bought a motorcycle and then I only learnt how to ride the thing and finally after that I got my motorcycle licence? – exactly in that order. Or the time I said yes to be the stats lecturer but couldn’t remember the difference between the mean and standard deviation? Or the fact that I can surf but I can’t swim? That’s what this blog is about.

I’m standing on a ledge, at a look-out point of my life again, and I’ve been thinking….”Oh dear Bronwyn :), what have we managed this time?!”  I am not unhappy. Thankfully, I’m amused. Actually I am happy amused because my life makes perfect sense.

Life is BEAUTiful.

This weekend we had great rainy weather Cape Town weather, perfect for staying under the covers and reading. I was reading a little about my personality type.  I don’t have ADHD and I’m not bipolar, but I am an ENFP. I am not for one second suggesting that I (or anyone else for that matter) had or have no or little control over what happens in our lives, but am saying it does influence your life. I accept that I have a distinct ENFP personality… my life story is evidence. The explanation of how the ENFP brain works comforted me and by golly…I frikking think I am evener cooler than what I was before. I love the way that God made me.

My quick background will hardly do justice so if you have time, do read more about this. I found it fascinating. Keeping in mind that my view is simply that – my view, here goes – one of many different theories. There are 16 personality types.  Basically it relates to the way you naturally see the world we live in, then also the way we process information and ultimately make decisions (or respond to situations and events around us).

Some people perceive the world from an introverted perspective (they take in), and others are more extroverted (they project). Then after this, similarly the way we process information about the world is different from person to person. Some people are pragmatic and down to earth – keen on facts (they observe), while others are more imaginative, open minded or idealistic (they look for hidden meanings). Then there is also the way we cope with emotions – some people prefer to feel, others prefer to think and apply logic. And finally there are two other things to consider, namely the way we approach decision making. Judging individuals are decisive and organised while prospecting individuals are better at improvising and tend to be nonconformists.

As you read this I hope you have started thinking about yourself… if you interested I would recommend as a starting point to read more. I know you’ll be as excited to discover about you, as I was to discover about me.

Anyway, so back to me. My personality type ENFP is a true mixture (half extrovert and half introvert) although extroverted nature (E) dominates. Then I am intuitive (N) meaning I act before I think. I rely on my feelings (F) before logic and I am prospecting (P). This personality type is not as uncommon or unique as I would like it to be. ENFP are regarded to be the “champions of causes”. They always have a cause that they are driving. They are naturally curious and enthusiastic. They idealistic and have bright visions of the future. They naturally ignore ‘facts’ most of the time – and won’t stop trying. But then they get bored precisely because they ignored the facts – or sometimes hurt. Luckily they are natural optimists so they get over themselves. They might seem confused to you. But that’s only because they consider every aspect of a situation and they sometimes need time alone to process information (#RunningWorks). Ditsy uh? True story though, I don’t know many others who quite crazy as I am – maybe I’m vain. Basically there are four significant cognitive functions that take place in my (and every other ENFP’s) brain in a very particular order.

Firstly I am extrovertly driven by my intuition. I don’t blerrie think things through! Yes, that is me, much to my mother’s dismay. It’s not that I don’t actually have the brain capacity to rationalise – I just don’t feel like it, and so I don’t. If you have spent time with me, you would know this is true about me. I just jump in. (#AwesomeAdventures)

Next,  introvertly I process information and start making decisions using my feelings  and principles on a matter. Only thereafter do I extrovertly apply logic (or think about it) to make a final decision. If you are in the vicinity you might hear me think… and people close to me have told me they can’t believe how I change my mind in the same sentence – midsentence. That is exactly what an ENFP personality does. This is because when they get to the third level they look at things from all angles and every perspective.

Finally, if I allow it…. I can also introvertly sense, to consider the facts the details and use my memory to perceive the situation (which is different to my instinctive use of intuition)….. This is the reason I am still alive today. Because the times that it mattered, this underdeveloped function came through for me. This is also how I managed to get myself out of the trouble I got into so many many many times in the past. I don’t naturally use that fourth function – but it’s there thankfully to bail me out. So I am almost 40, and I feel more balanced than what I did in my twenties, so I think I’m using it more.

Hopefully now that I am more acutely aware of how “I tick”, I can stop myself from doing too many crazy things. (Hopefully… Big smile….I have done some crazy stuff). Thank you Jesus I survived myself. My God loves me. I’m happy today, because I hear the voice that says…”Take your time, don’t be so impulsive Bronwyn – you don’t need to be impulsive”…. Aggggg – But who am I kidding, I’m an ENFP, Some crazy is good:)

Why don’t you take that free online test too…’ll be fun. Promise