Yeah….. so I should be writing about my pilot study now. But I’m getting so bored of it.

I’m fully aware – I know that I am so far from the goal I cannot afford to get bored yet. But gosh, it’s tough to stay focused. Every few minutes I get up to make coffee, use the bathroom, check my phone or even pluck my eyebrows. Then I sit back down and write some more. My distraction now is writing this blog entry. I’m just going to indulge myself – yeah why not.

So besides the PhD that’s really tough going at the moment, life is pretty rosy. ย  My biggest problem with PhD currently is I’m looking for data. My staple diet is humble pie. People in industry are just so busy. For three months now I’ve been calling and emailing people. I will have to dedicate an entire blog entry explaining what that experience has been like. Really and truly been a humbling one for me. And it’s frightening actually when I think about how little I’ll be able to do with that data. Since I am a stats lecturer, I’m aware of fancy statistical techniques that one can do – but with that meagre data?…I shudder when I think about it. Anyway. This is happy news blog – Moving along.

Ok….so maybe the next news isn’t entirely happy either, since the next news I have is I think I might die on Saturday morning. I’m doing a 25km trail run in Franschoek with my boetie Jase and sis-in-law Monique. If 25km isn’t bad enough (the most I have ever done on the road is 25km), it’s a trail run. In addition to that – look at this weather forecast:


Like BBBBBBbbbbbrrrrr 2 degrees celcius and raining on Saturday! I guess it could be worse. The forecast for Sunday is a mere -1. So I’m glad it’s Saturday we running not Sunday!

I’m scared and I’m excited about the run. But yes, I might die. If I do, don’t ever forget that I love you all very very much.

If I survive the run though, it’s gonna be so worth it. Because the next week on Saturday I’ll be attending a wedding in Sweden baby ๐Ÿ™‚ Whoop woop! That’s of course if I get my visa tomorrow. There, now that’s my happy news.

I’m going with a good friend, who for years, every year without fail has asked me to join him on an international adventure. First Borneo, then Switzerland, Spain then Vietnam last year. Each time I have had to say no, as I never had the money to travel or the time. But finally this year I thought bugger this, and I agreed to be his plus one to the wedding of his friends.

It’s kinda crazy. At least I’m meeting one of the “couple” getting married tomorrow evening as we’ve been invited for dinner with the groom to be. The whole situation is weird and exciting and a little bit crazy. I’m loving it. After the wedding, my friend and I have plans to meet up with some other friends and then go camping and canoeing in the northern part of Sweden for another ten days. SO super stoked. Another whoop woop! Yeah Bounce and bounce…

Ok so, back to writing about my pilot study. Catch you later alligator ๐ŸŠ