And so I’m back!…

and what an epic vacation…

It would be impossible for me to blog about it in just one entry. To do the experience justice I’ll do it in three parts. See in my mind the whole experience can be logically described as a three part adventure. The first part, namely the wedding in Gothenburg (Göteborg) was a local experience. This was fantastic, because although my friend and I were tourists, it allowed us to be completely immersed in the local culture. We were able to enjoy local traditions and had the opportunity to interact with our new Swedish friends as if we were locals too. The wedding was also one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to in my life. I could get into trouble for saying that, but I honestly don’t think I ever had so much fun at a wedding before. This could be because I was completely uninhibited and really could just have fun and let my hair down – which I certainly did. I had too much fun.

Thereafter we headed back east via Stockholm then up north to Umeå. This I will blog about in Part Two of my Sweden trip. We met up with some South African friends in Umeå and spent one night there before embarking on a five hour road trip  back east to Lits in Östersund. The next night, we camped at a base camp in Lits alongside a lake where the Indalsälven and Hårkan rivers meet. The following day we were transported approximately 40km upstream on the Hårkan river from where we started rowing back to base camp. It was awesome. The guys took fishing gear with and so the next two days entailed rowing our canoes, fishing and stopping off from time to time at pit stops along the river. For the next two nights we camped at shelters along the river as we slowly made out way back to base camp.

Once we got back to base camp, we spent one more night there and then trekked back to Umea to catch a flight back to Stockholm. This is when Part Three of my Sweden trip starts. The following three days we spent sightseeing Stockholm, trawling museums and the most popular tourist attractions. We snuck a night of dancing at a night club in too! Again too much fun. The final night and day in Sweden was spent in a little town called Sigtuna. This town was enroute to Arlanda airport, as we were making our way home. It’s the oldest town in Sweden and the highlight of our stay here included hunting runic stones.

So all in all it was a truly epic adventure… stay tuned if you interested in the details.