And so after an amazing time in Göteborg we started our Monday morning with a train ride back to Stockholm. Then a quick beer at Arlanda airport before catching our flight to Umeå.

At Umeå, we were picked up by fellow South African friends, Bernard and Phillip. Bernard treated to a true South Africa classic dish for dinner that night before we enjoyed a midnight stroll to the lake. It never really got dark and we found ourselves playing in a kids play park at 3am.

The next day we embarked on a five hour road trip to Östersund with Martin, Anna and Thomas… Spent the first night of our camping adventure at a camp site in Lits…. Bring on fun times!

Bernard, Anna and Martin were amazing – the greatest. They facilitated everything. The following morning we hired canoes and packed everything we needed for the rest of the camping trip into watertight barrels which fit into our canoes. We were transported approximately 40km upstream where we started our two day trek down the river back to base camp in Lits. The plan to paddle our way back to base camp. Fishing and stopping off from time to time, goofing around most of the time.

The first day we goofed around more than anything else. Smashed two trays of beers, fishing and probably only paddled 5-6km before setting up camp. This meant the next day we needed to about 30km. No fun without a challenge:) Lucky for me I had the best paddle partner ever #PhillipYouRock! All in all a seriously cool experience paddling, fishing, stopping off and setting up camp and heading on again.

On the camping trip Thomas treated us to beautiful ratatouille. We also feasted on freshly caught fish compliments of Thomas and Bernard. And if that about Thomas wasn’t impressive enough….we also had bread that he baked himself. Not just a pretty face uh, a guy with a PhD who can catch fish, cook and bake.

Again we were introduced to some local things… Berry made an axe and went in search of a moose. All he found was moose droppings. And surströmming – fermented fish, eaten on a cracker bread with cream cheese sweet potato and black pepper.  It’s something one only needs to try once!

And so we started heading back. The last day I spotted blueberries growing wild and the last night we had another fish braai with freshly caught fish.

And so the camping adventure came to an end. Great memories and the best part is great new friends!


To be continued….