Quality Rocks! Super stoked about a new idea I have. Been toying around with doing a vlog post (video blog) as opposed to a text post (web log or ordinary blog post) for a little while. The tricky thing was to identify something interesting but also relevant to my blog. So in a ***cough cough*** business meeting / teambuilding dinner I had with my Bespoke Business Services partners last night, they gracefully conceded to do the vlog with me.

For those who don’t know, I am a business partner in a quality consultancy called Bespoke Business Services. We started the venture 4 years ago, with the idea of consulting with organisations in terms of their quality management system – whether it be implementing a new quality management system (QMS) or improving on the existing QMS or presenting training in quality management. There is always room for improvement.

A quick background is my business partners and I met when we were classmates studying toward a degree in quality. During the years we were students, we became really good friends. Our ‘classmates clique’ is actually comprised of six of us. After graduation, of the six of us class friends, Hein, Shaun and I decided to start a company. I am really proud to have these two amazing business partners. Between the two of them, there is an absolute wealth of quality management experience. Shaun is a walking encyclopaedia of everything related to quality management, and in addition to Hein’s in-depth knowledge of auditing and quality management systems, he is by far the greatest trouble shooter in the world. They are the unchallenged Kings of Creative, Sustainable and Streamlined Quality Solutions. If you spend time around them, you clearly see and understand that effortless quality management is not really that difficult. In most cases, it just requires a change of perspective more than anything else.

Some people ask “Who needs quality anyway?” or state “Not required in my world!” or “It’s just extra and unnecessary work“. Interestingly, I believe at Bespoke, we do not even feel the need to counter such opinions whatsoever. Everyone who has those ideas of quality will either eventually come around when they get tired of making repeated mistakes that affect the bottom line of their organisation, so in other cases ignorance is bliss, – they’ll continue believing the above, and never see proper ROI for their effort.

For others who are able to recognise the value of quality in an organisation though, if you get to spend time with Hein and Shaun, a new insight opens. As serious or even boring as quality management might at first appear to be at first, it’s magical watching them work. Like sparks igniting a fire. A passion for quality that is contagious. And the best… you will end up seeing that doing things right first time round, designing your system properly first time pays off. Not only good for your wallet, but good for your reputation and renders a good sense of winning…. Who doesn’t like to be the winner? and winning is fun!

Yeah quality is flipping super awesome rocking cool. Yeah… Watch this space. I’m very excited that guys agreed to do the Quality vlog which will be coming soon, ….and knowing Hein and Shaunie, who knows what other adventures they might sneak into the vlog too!