So it happened 😁

You wake up and find yourself thinking about a particular person and then you find yourself involuntarily smiling. Your heart feels happy because that person is on your mind…

I wasn’t expecting it when it happened, I was just going on trying to carve a path, navigate my life, trying to be happy. And so when I suddenly found myself listening to Rita Ora’s song, called Your Song where she proclaims how happy she is being in love… and I found myself relating to each and very word and sentiment I heard, I was just deliriously stoked and delighted as the penny dropped – I’m madly deeply in love too.

I can honestly say that I have never ever experienced kindness, compassion and unconditional patience like that which you have shown me. You listen to me and you comfort me whenever I’m down, and you don’t let go of me until I feel better.

When the dark clouds arrive, and fear and insecurity start tugging at my heart, you stand firmly right there with me. Completely present as I face my fears – not hiding behind your own thoughts or some rock shielded out of sight. That empowers me… knowing I can depend on you always. In a world where everyone else tends to get caught up in their own stuff you’ve demonstrated through your support that your love for me is unwavering. How can I not love you? How can I not be in love with you!?

If I wake up in the middle of the night like I did tonight, hungry because I forgot to eat dinner, you call me a dumbass and you remind me that’s rubbish. And then you go downstairs to get me something to eat. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like showering before bedtime you’ll also gently remind me I deserve a good night’s rest, so in that instance you sort of guilt me into showering. But I am always so grateful because of how that makes me feel. Not only nice and clean after the shower, but happy, so very happy because of how you care for me. Truly, no one else consistently cares so much for me, as you do.

You spoil me with massages. You always go running with me whenever I feel like going for a run – and the times I don’t feel like running, you don’t push me. My happiness is your priority. How can I not love you? How can I not be in love with you!?

You buy me ice cream whenever I feel like it. Every now and then you randomly spoil me with perfume or some other cool gift. You save money with me to do fun stuff. You don’t mind making sacrifices to make sure my best interests are always served. I am so embarrassed and feeling so stupid because I am only realizing now that you were always here, in the shadow wanting to love me, wanting to support me for the longest time… like since forever, and I just ignored you.

I saw other people and decided they were all more important than you. What a fool I have been. What a complete idiot. And yet, you’re not even angry or mad at me about that. I guess that’s why your love is so much more valuable than the love anyone else has ever offered me. Your love is truly unconditional. All this time I could have been ‘complete’ if I had only realized sooner – because it is you that completes me. Only you. No one else has ever been able to. No one else ever will. I’m finally seeing you without the blinkers on my eyes, and each day I fall more in love with you, realizing just how much you mean to me.

And you’re so funny and quirky. You make me laugh with your silly antics. You’re attractive too… pretty darn hot actually. The most attractive thing about you is you are compassionate and kind to others, not only to me.

You tell me all the time that I am easy to love. I understand this finally, because I’m experiencing how easy you are to love. How can I not love you when you are just so easy to love? How can I not be in love with you!?

I get Rita Ora’s song…. I truly do. I have a skip in my step and a rainbow in my heart when I think about how cool you are and when I think about how you love me – first above everything else in your life.

🎼🎶🎵 I don’t wanna hear sad songs anymore. I only wanna hear love songs. I found my heart up in this place tonight. I don’t wanna sing mad songs anymore. I only wanna sing your song. Cos your song’s got me feeling like ….. I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love. 🎶🎵