I dunno how I feel….

img_6736Really, I really dunno how I feel.

I friggen have no friggen idea how I’m supposed to feel. Should I marvel (every pun intended) at the artistic mastery? ….or should I cry because something disastrous just happened to my family. We loved Civil War. But This…. oh good heavens 😭😭😭

And NO, I am not being over dramatic. My minions and I are great Marvel fans…. because of my son, who is the truly the greatest Spiderman fan that I know (since he was a wee babe).

I dunno how I feel…..

Oh I dunno how I feel.

Don’t watch it. No Wait …do watch it. Don’t … Do. I need counseling, or tissues. Or a triple shot of whiskey.

I dunno how I feel.