So it’s almost that time again. #Excitals

Tickets are booked. I can hardly wait! The minions are supposed to have a maths lesson that Thursday evening but we’re canceling it. It’s all about priorities!

My minions and I are hard core Avengers fans – anything MCU actually! It started a long time ago when my boy was a wee babe and he had a thing for Spiderman. Even when he was under a year old, it was clear that Spiderman was his greatest hero. Some thought that he would outgrow it but he didn’t.

There’s a part of me that’s nervous about the movie. We all know what a horror movie Infinity War turned out to be. It was traumatic. Emotionally tumultuous. We were psychologically scarred. I needed counseling after that movie – I kid you not. We left the cinema in silence and with red watery eyes. We went through the motions… Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression.

I would describe it as the perfect movie to watch on Halloween šŸŽƒ šŸ‘» if you looking for something to scare and sadden you.

But in true Avengers style, we take courage. We lift our chins and our bruised and battered hearts. And so the rest of the motions followed… Acceptance.

And once again there is Hope.

Endgame. Only 21 more sleeps to go šŸ˜„