I have so much to say, but it also feels like I have nothing to say, because I’ll just be saying what everyone across the globe is feeling. So I won’t say the words – I’ll just send everyone my love. There will be an end to all of this. And a new beginning for us all.

It’s funny that I had a conversation with one of my best friends about something unrelated to COVID19 situation and I was telling her how unfair life feels. And although we weren’t talking about COVID19, her words were so comforting and so highly relevant to our lives in the time of Corona. This too shall pass”…. she said. And so it is, and so it will. And then she added “and then we go out and get smashed on tequila for old times sake, and cry a little over all the frogs”. Now that sounds like a marvellous plan! Good friends are really the medicine for a person’s soul.

And yes although this time has been marked by some setbacks, for example, I missed running my 10th Two Oceans Half Marathon yesterday – had the race taken place I’d have gotten my blue number – essentially I have the choice about how to feel and how to deal with it. For everything that really is out of our control, we can take our power back by accepting and moving on.

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2011 – my first Oceans #PersonalBest

And then focus on the good stuff in the present moment.

And I got some good news this morning. An ex-colleague and friend was diagnosed with COVID19 and sent me a message to let me know that he has recovered, and been confirmed and cleared by the South African Department of Health. Interestingly, he had no symptoms and was only tested because he had been in contact with someone else who tested positive. Be that as it may, today was a day for feeling hopeful. And significantly today is Easter after all, a day the traditionally symbolizes resurrection. The human spirit has the capacity to recover from setbacks.

More good news is that I’m slaying a current project I’ve been tasked with, which is to develop a brand new Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. Something I’ve never done before, and I was told it would take at least nine months, but actually, unbelievably, I might be able to deliver the complete set of paperwork by this Wednesday – which means it’s taken me less than five months 😄

And though our lockdown has been extended in South Africa for a further two weeks, which means we have an additional two weeks on top of the initial planned three weeks as it would have ended next Friday, the good news is the kids and I are fine. We’re legally compelled to strictly remain in our homes until end of April, unless we buying groceries or going to doctor or pharmacist but I’ve managed to restock all our supplies and we’ll be able to go on. I know that everyone in my country is not as fortunate. I’ll blog about this another day.

Finally, another good news, happy story was Andrea Bocelli’s online concert that he was kind enough to share on YouTube tonight. It was truly moving. So amazing, so beautiful, so inspirational and motivational. Music for hope indeed.