On 3rd December last year I was asked to take over as the lead of a project that is at least a year (but more likely two years) overdue. It was a type of project that I’d never done before.

I was excited about it, but also thoroughly terrified at the same time because it was something that I had no training or significant experience in. My task – Develop a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.

When I started doing homework on what it entailed, I was told this project would take me about a year – but certainly at the very least nine months to complete. When I reported that in a meeting with Faculty supervisors and other project stakeholders on the 15th January this year, the Dean of my Faculty announced to everyone present in the room “If anyone can lay a Golden Egg, then Bronwyn can lay a Golden Egg

I wanted to melt on the spot and disappear into the ground. My anxiety levels went up by 100%. The pressure. Either, he knew that I wouldn’t say No, knowing that if I believed that I could help out even a little bit, I naturally would. Or he really actually has so much confidence in me and saw potential in me, that I just was not able to see myself.

But what was I gonna do…. nothing to do except get started.

And so today, only five months after I was given the task, I just laid that Golden Egg