And so the bottle of wine I opened on Friday night tasted terrible! It wasn’t off as in it wasn’t oxidized. It was still red and not even close to transparent or metallic, and it certainly didn’t taste like vinegar. It just tasted bad, like a really cheap blend. Maybe it was a cheap blend to begin with – it was a gift I got at a Secret Santa twenty years ago.

So naturally I was disappointed that it didn’t taste good and I discarded that first glass I poured. However, times are tough. And in level 4 lockdown in South Africa we aren’t allowed to buy any alcoholic beverages so even a bad tasting wine is better than no wine!

But then in a moment of clarity this morning, I decided to google ideas on how to improve the taste of bad wine, and the solution that appealed the most to me was mulling the wine.

So when I got home after doing my morning grocery shopping (first trip out the house in three weeks) a heated a concoction of that bad red wine, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, star aniseed and sugar….. and voilá …. magnificent 💥beautiful 👌🏾. Tastes a lot like glühwein, but soooo much better.

These days I’ve realized that I don’t have much more use for any thoughts from my past. It just has no value to me. But sipping on this lovely sweet beverage did however remind me of a special moment in time when I sat flat on cobbled road in Nyhavn in Copenhagen, just taking in the beauty of my surroundings and drinking sweet hot cider. I believe it is called Gløgg. Hot alcoholic drinks are foreign to us in South Africa. Our climate is just not conducive to it. It never gets so cold here as what it does in Europe so arguably most South Africans will tell you that they prefer an ice cold beer or draught as a drink of preference any day in the year!

However today we cannot buy any cold beers in South Africa due to prohibition in Lockdown! So today I say cheers to my European friends for coming up with this concept of mulled wine, and in essence saved me from throwing away my last bottle of red wine! 🍷