Bella chasing something in the dark

Sitting in the dark, loadshedding. Something South Africans know all too well

I asked ChatGPT to explain loadshedding:

Loadshedding is when the electricity company intentionally cuts off power to certain areas for a period of time. They do this because there isn’t enough electricity available to meet the demand from all the people using it. So they turn off the power in different areas at different times to balance things out.

The electricity company usually plans ahead and lets people know when and where the power cuts will happen, so they can prepare. Loadshedding can be inconvenient because it means you won’t have electricity for a while, which can affect things like using appliances, lights, or charging devices.

Loadshedding is done temporarily until the electricity supply and demand can be balanced better or improved. The aim is to find ways to generate more power and upgrade the infrastructure so that there is enough electricity for everyone without the need for power cuts.

Thank goodness for a fireplace and red wine. It surely makes loadshedding more bearable