Death of a Garmin

A birthday gift from Robin in 2014 and well known to all my friends as I have often sent them pictures of some of my best running times by taking a pic of the face of the watch, like the one featured below.

On my social media too, there are a few pics of me taken by others of me running where I am wearing it. Captured some of my overseas runs too, so naturally I was really so very sad when the strap broke two weeks ago.

It’s just such a cool watch, so I tried getting a replacement strap but a pink replacement strap would have cost a third of the price of a new watch! And so I started (online) shopping for a new one and I found a new one. Still an entry level Garmin, but an upgrade 😁

Garmin no longer makes iconic pink ones, but I’m ok with the new slate grey one that I got. It pairs to my iPhone so I can see text messages and it tells me my heart rate – I’m so stoked! No matter your age, getting a new toy always rocks!! 🤸🏾‍♀️💥💥💥💕❤️💙🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️. Cheers to many happy runs with my new Garmin 🥂⏱

Dark Night of the Soul

As ominous as the title of this blog sounds, it is not at all dark. Tonight I’m feeling hopeful and light, I’m feeling a deep seated happiness from somewhere in my tummy, because I’ve come through the Dark Night of my Soul.

In the past few weeks, I’ve found the teaching of Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng to be so incredibly inspiring and uplifting. It’s so strange, I’d heard some of it before – but even if you hear, the penny only drops when something in you is ready for it to come home. And that I did, I came home. I found home 🙏🏾

Some readings on Dark Night of the Soul: As well as:

It’s like an awakening. I’ve been here all along but suddenly I’m seeing things that were around me in a way that I’d never seen it before. I’m feeling a deep and rich sense of gratitude for everything, for life. These days my smile is genuine, my laugh comes from the pit of my tummy and I really couldn’t give a rat’s hoohar about anything around me that is none of my business. It’s like I found the kingdom of heaven, and it’s been inside me all along.

But moving on, … was fun and hilarious today. It started with some collaborative discussions with a university in Scotland. #WatchThisSpace in the next few months. This was followed by some avo, tomato and feta on toast for brunch.

Then I attended our first online Faculty Board meeting with a bunch of learned academics who struggled with technology – simple stuff like muting the mic. Someone else kept grabbing the chairperson’s screen and it took them 20 minutes to figure out what was happening. This was followed by some homemade chocolate brownie and ice-cream for lunch.

And then I spend some time looking at pictures of my adorable little nephew. Gosh he is so flipping cute 😍😍😍. I can’t wait to hold him once Lockdown is over.

Then I finished another task on my to-do list and engaged in some cool conversation with colleagues, and my children as well as some light hearted fun banter with friends about life, the universe and bullshit! Decided not to cook dinner and opted for an extra large bowl of popcorn in bed instead!

Today was a good day. Today I spoke my mind, I did what I needed to do, and I indulged in simple pleasures. I didn’t think too much. I was just ‘present’. Life is kind.

I wish everyone the Dark Night of your Soul. May it also give you that gift that no money can buy!


Too many regulations, too little thought: Cape Town, a Tale of Two Cities. South Africa, a Place of ‘Haves’ and ‘Not haves’

A lovely conversation I had yesterday with a fellow blogger Stroke Survivor led to me articulating my feelings about Lockdown in South Africa (Thank you Stroke Survivor!). We’re on 39 days now, so by and large, the South African society are past the stage of feeling panicked or anxious (fearful mode), curious and intrigued (selfie-taking mode), and even angry or sad (grieving mode).

We’re getting used to our new normal, and many of us just want to go on with our lives – whatever form that takes on now! At the same time however we find ourselves questioning the validity of the regulations being imposed on us. We accept that we have a new reality but we’re tired now. Tired of being scared to breath, tired of being scared to live, tired of feeling like hostages in this passive aggressive pyscho-thriller reality series that is our lives!download

So below is an extracted part of the comment section of yesterday’s blog post “South African Gløgg” however reflecting on it today, I felt that it deserves its own space on my blog – although I’m not going to edit my original words. My response was authentic and not at all premeditated – and that’s why I want to share it.


Stroke Survivor asked me about the logic behind our country’s current prohibition of alcohol. My response follows:

“Gosh Stroke Survivor, I don’t understand our regulations myself! I have South African friends abroad in Belgium that are just as shocked.

Initially, as South Africans we were all behind our government’s strict regulations to flatten the curve, but it’s literally in very practical terms becoming unbearable for many. We are a society characterized by a large proportion of ‘haves’ and then an equally large proportion of ‘have nots’.

Without getting into politics, simply put, our very strict regulations, while well-meaning are f’up up and discriminatory towards the poor, the people who drink alcohol, the people who smoke, and the people who don’t exercise…. there may be others.

For example, no alcohol is sold in this time because the consumption of alcohol encourages gatherings and social activity – so No Alcohol whatsoever. No cigarettes, because according to our government- cigarettes are ‘supposedly’ synonymous with alcohol consumption. I’m not a smoker (anymore) but I can only imagine how difficult this must be for smokers.

I think inadvertently, our government is potentially facilitating ordinarily law abiding citizens to resort to non-law abiding behaviour simply because of their rigidness. They are turning ordinarily law abiding citizens into criminals, not because the citizens have changed – but rather because our regulations have changed. Grossly unfair.

Ultimately all the government is succeeding in doing is creating black market, because they are destroying the free market in South Africa. By imposing a billion illogical regulations, our government is successfully destroying all our citizens respect for the law. This makes me sad. But this is the way that it is.

Another example is those of a ridiculous law is all those who want to exercise may only go for a walk, run or cycle between 6am and 9am in the morning – I won’t go into detail about all the problems which crop out because of that – however the biggest one is arguably everyone, I mean EVERYONE with their dogs, cats and nannies are out in common communal areas that time because we’ve been confined to our houses for the past five weeks #PerfectRecipeForCOVID19Spread. ….Makes no effing sense.

No one is allowed to work (by implication earn money) without a ‘permit’ which confirms that you are performing an essential service, so people are really suffering economically. And these are people who were suffering before lockdown – the current regulations simply makes it worse! I think in South Africa we are no longer even scared of COVID19. After all the strict constraints on our personal freedom we want to take our chances with COVID19…. and that is primarily due to government enforcing crazy regulations.

But I shall stop bitching. The one thing that we all have in common is we want SA to get through this crisis as unscathed as possible. How I don’t know. I’m actually glad that my biggest problem is figuring out how much sugar to put in my mulled wine….

I have real empathy for the leaders of my country. At the moment I don’t believe that they doing a good job- but I hope they figure it out soon!”

South African Gløgg

And so the bottle of wine I opened on Friday night tasted terrible! It wasn’t off as in it wasn’t oxidized. It was still red and not even close to transparent or metallic, and it certainly didn’t taste like vinegar. It just tasted bad, like a really cheap blend. Maybe it was a cheap blend to begin with – it was a gift I got at a Secret Santa twenty years ago.

So naturally I was disappointed that it didn’t taste good and I discarded that first glass I poured. However, times are tough. And in level 4 lockdown in South Africa we aren’t allowed to buy any alcoholic beverages so even a bad tasting wine is better than no wine!

But then in a moment of clarity this morning, I decided to google ideas on how to improve the taste of bad wine, and the solution that appealed the most to me was mulling the wine.

So when I got home after doing my morning grocery shopping (first trip out the house in three weeks) a heated a concoction of that bad red wine, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, star aniseed and sugar….. and voilá …. magnificent 💥beautiful 👌🏾. Tastes a lot like glühwein, but soooo much better.

These days I’ve realized that I don’t have much more use for any thoughts from my past. It just has no value to me. But sipping on this lovely sweet beverage did however remind me of a special moment in time when I sat flat on cobbled road in Nyhavn in Copenhagen, just taking in the beauty of my surroundings and drinking sweet hot cider. I believe it is called Gløgg. Hot alcoholic drinks are foreign to us in South Africa. Our climate is just not conducive to it. It never gets so cold here as what it does in Europe so arguably most South Africans will tell you that they prefer an ice cold beer or draught as a drink of preference any day in the year!

However today we cannot buy any cold beers in South Africa due to prohibition in Lockdown! So today I say cheers to my European friends for coming up with this concept of mulled wine, and in essence saved me from throwing away my last bottle of red wine! 🍷


The Golden Egg

On 3rd December last year I was asked to take over as the lead of a project that is at least a year (but more likely two years) overdue. It was a type of project that I’d never done before.

I was excited about it, but also thoroughly terrified at the same time because it was something that I had no training or significant experience in. My task – Develop a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.

When I started doing homework on what it entailed, I was told this project would take me about a year – but certainly at the very least nine months to complete. When I reported that in a meeting with Faculty supervisors and other project stakeholders on the 15th January this year, the Dean of my Faculty announced to everyone present in the room “If anyone can lay a Golden Egg, then Bronwyn can lay a Golden Egg

I wanted to melt on the spot and disappear into the ground. My anxiety levels went up by 100%. The pressure. Either, he knew that I wouldn’t say No, knowing that if I believed that I could help out even a little bit, I naturally would. Or he really actually has so much confidence in me and saw potential in me, that I just was not able to see myself.

But what was I gonna do…. nothing to do except get started.

And so today, only five months after I was given the task, I just laid that Golden Egg

Corona Diaries

Day 18 of Lockdown 🔐

Made homemade pizza with a three ingredient pizza dough recipe

Only 150g flour, 150g plain yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of cooking oil


And then another hit today is Eckhart Tolle’s book called The Power of Now. Was feeling down before I started reading that today, and then later felt inspired enough to even put on my training shoes and I ran a few laps around my house (about 2km worth of laps) to get exercise!

Eckhart teaching is so profound and do-able. In a nutshell he says – “Just don’t think about it. Just be” 😁

Just be…

A wise man indeed

Brave souls

I have so much to say, but it also feels like I have nothing to say, because I’ll just be saying what everyone across the globe is feeling. So I won’t say the words – I’ll just send everyone my love. There will be an end to all of this. And a new beginning for us all.

It’s funny that I had a conversation with one of my best friends about something unrelated to COVID19 situation and I was telling her how unfair life feels. And although we weren’t talking about COVID19, her words were so comforting and so highly relevant to our lives in the time of Corona. This too shall pass”…. she said. And so it is, and so it will. And then she added “and then we go out and get smashed on tequila for old times sake, and cry a little over all the frogs”. Now that sounds like a marvellous plan! Good friends are really the medicine for a person’s soul.

And yes although this time has been marked by some setbacks, for example, I missed running my 10th Two Oceans Half Marathon yesterday – had the race taken place I’d have gotten my blue number – essentially I have the choice about how to feel and how to deal with it. For everything that really is out of our control, we can take our power back by accepting and moving on.

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2011 – my first Oceans #PersonalBest

And then focus on the good stuff in the present moment.

And I got some good news this morning. An ex-colleague and friend was diagnosed with COVID19 and sent me a message to let me know that he has recovered, and been confirmed and cleared by the South African Department of Health. Interestingly, he had no symptoms and was only tested because he had been in contact with someone else who tested positive. Be that as it may, today was a day for feeling hopeful. And significantly today is Easter after all, a day the traditionally symbolizes resurrection. The human spirit has the capacity to recover from setbacks.

More good news is that I’m slaying a current project I’ve been tasked with, which is to develop a brand new Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. Something I’ve never done before, and I was told it would take at least nine months, but actually, unbelievably, I might be able to deliver the complete set of paperwork by this Wednesday – which means it’s taken me less than five months 😄

And though our lockdown has been extended in South Africa for a further two weeks, which means we have an additional two weeks on top of the initial planned three weeks as it would have ended next Friday, the good news is the kids and I are fine. We’re legally compelled to strictly remain in our homes until end of April, unless we buying groceries or going to doctor or pharmacist but I’ve managed to restock all our supplies and we’ll be able to go on. I know that everyone in my country is not as fortunate. I’ll blog about this another day.

Finally, another good news, happy story was Andrea Bocelli’s online concert that he was kind enough to share on YouTube tonight. It was truly moving. So amazing, so beautiful, so inspirational and motivational. Music for hope indeed.