Beautiful life


In retrospect

Goodbye 2017. Thank you for the happy times, special memories with friends and family but thank you for the challenges too. I am not sad to see you go, but I am very grateful that I am not the same person I was when I met you.

Most of all, thank you coercing me to get to know myself better, your most valuable lesson for me…C15B9623-4ABA-47D8-954B-0DC5D76DF040

I shall not forget.

So Hello and Welcome 2018, Let’s be friends

To my other friends, have a fun but safe NYE everyone…

See you all in 2018

Tis the season… for removing tattoos?

Yeah so some of you smart peeps knew exactly what that previous post was about 🙂


Yes indeed, it is a true reflection of my feelings, an open love letter to me, from me. So it may be good news for some, and more than probably scary news for others, but applications are still open!

If anyone is interested and more importantly, only if they believe they meet the application criteria, please do complete and application form below and email it to me by the 15th January.


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So on that festive note, feeling the overwhelming love in the air, tis the season for that after-all …it’s time for me to start prepping. The prep started yesterday already actually, when I defrosted the meat. Following a self-instituted tradition, I make “party packs” for that very special birthday we’re celebrating on Monday. It’s been a pretty cool happy ‘working’ holiday so far. Looking forward to the next few days spending time with friends and family. Will blog about some of the adventures we’ve been having as time allows in the new year.

The main subject of this blog however is the progress of my tattoo removal … ouch!

So, shortly after I discovered I was getting divorced I decided to get myself inked. A word of advice I can now share with anyone considering getting a tattoo is: Carefully select your tattoo artist. I say again: Carefully select your tattoo artist. I didn’t. Impulsively (as is my nature), I stomped into a pretty upmarket tattoo parlour (thinking the price I was paying would be an indicator of the quality of tattoo – NOT!), consulted on a design and then proceeded with having it done. Everything else was perfect – the person who consulted, a clean sterile environment – even their card machine worked fine! The big problem was the actual tattoo artist who did the work, was also going through a divorce. I casually mentioned that a divorce was the trigger for me wanting a tattoo. Unbeknown to me before the mention, was because of the mention, he felt the need to share his own horror divorce story as me as he worked. The result: An out-and-out “tronk tjappie“.

I paraded this thing for about 7 years before deciding bugger this, it’s seriously time to get it redone. Thing is though, I love my tattoo, what it means to me. The design is perfect – so I certainly didn’t want to change that, I only wanted to get it fixed. But it was just so badly done, the only way to get it fixed was to have most of the inked removed via laser treatment, then only have it redone. It was supposed to be a beautiful butterfly with the words “God Saves” except it looked like the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland smoking weed. After 6 laser treatments over a period of two years to date, see the before and after pics below. The last treatment was on Wednesday, so in the second picture (on the right), you can still see the site is slightly inflamed and I have a small blister… but it’s nothing as bad to what it looked after the first few treatments.

So another word of advice I can share is when you have a tattoo removed (or lightened because you want it redone, as I did), also: Carefully consider who does laser treatment for you. Again I thought I was doing the right thing by going to a specialist, a laser clinic that did laser treatments for cosmetic reasons. The problem was they didn’t specialise in tattoo removal per say, so the initial treatment was firstly too harsh (setting too high) and secondly they gave me some sort of clear bandage to put over it to protect the site. When I left the treatment rooms all looked and seemed fine, but a few days later when I had to remove the bandage I realised what a bad idea that was. Upon removal, it removed some of my skin too!


The laser treatment itself is much more painful than getting inked. Getting inked, in my opinion felt like my skin being pinched a bit. It wasn’t painless, but it certainly wasn’t excruciating like laser treatment.

Laser treatment feels 10 times more painful,  a hot stabbing unrelenting needle.  Of course, you can’t move while it’s being done. When the lady offered me a pillow to clutch before she began, I remember thinking to myself “It can’t be that bad…can it?”  Yes my peeps it’s that bad! And I’ve told by health professionals that I have a high threshold for pain. I was 6cm dilated before I realised I was in labour about to give birth. This pain doesn’t compare to labour pains – it’s far worse! Another observation I have on laser treatment is a white frosting seems to form on the skin initially immediately after treatment. This is normal. When I did some research the best explanation I found is it’s a chemical reaction because of the ink in the skin and as a result of air that gets stuck under the skin.

Anyway, the time came to remove the plaster after that first treatment and then this is what it looked likeIMG_4131. Pretty raw and ugly and it was sore! You can see from the pic where patches of skin came off with the plaster. The recommended time in-between laser treatments is 6 weeks but I waited 8 weeks before approaching a different place to do the next treatment. In that recovery time the skin on top seemed to form scabs (I’m not sure how much of it was scab and how much of it was ink). The scabs fell off about 2 weeks later.

It started looking normal-ish again about 8 weeks later and I decided to do to a tattoo artist with a laser treatment service. There they confirmed my skin had actually gotten hurt, but the laser therapist at No Regrets Tattoo Parlour explained the prognosis wasn’t all bad. The skin could heal itself if I just continued to treat it properly. She encouraged me to rub it frequently to encourage blood circulation in the area. She conceded I already had scar tissue explaining the skin naturally thickens if it’s gotten hurt. But consoled me with saying if I frequently stimulated that area with rubbing it the skin wouldn’t become hard and thick after successive treatments.  Although rubbing was uncomfortable, it’s the best way for the skin to heal.

I highly recommend No Regrets to everyone wanting to get inked or getting inked removed. Be that as it may, then next few treatments were similarly painful, but because the skin wasn’t covered with a plaster, blisters formed. No plaster did however mean I had to pay more attention to keeping the area clean but more important for me is it also means my skin wasn’t unnaturally torn when the plaster had to come off. Here are some pics of the next 3 treatments.

Pretty yuck sight uh. As you can see, blistering was pretty hectic initially, but with each subsequent treatment the blistering afterwards wasn’t quite as bad.  IMG_4168 Also initially after treatment my ankle was swollen and inflamed – I guess one can equate it to intense sunburn? It was really difficult to sleep at night with that pain and for the first night or two I used to take pain killers. Another thing I discovered was Aloe Vera gel. That stuff is amazing – immediately soothes the burning sensation so in the first few days after treatment I regularly periodically and generously reapplied it as frequently as I could. Got some at Clicks for R100 and haven’t had to buy another even though I’ve just finished my 6th treatment. The expiry date is April 2018 – so hopefully all laser treatments will be done with this by then.

Treating the skin in-between treatments after blistering has dissipated also entails using a product. I used a combination of Bio-Oil tissue oil and a tattoo aftercare balm that I bought from No Regrets which also cost me about R100. The effort it takes to keep rubbing the tattoo to prevent scar tissue forming however far outweighs the price I’ve paid for any products.

So gradually my tattoo got lighter. Looked like a smudge more than anything else, by June this year – I had stopped treatment for just over a year before I started again. Now, I can see (evident in the very first after-treatment picture above) the ink is almost completely gone. I have some scarring and some hyperpigmentation (dark colouration of the skin because of the scarring) but I’ll keep on treating that with Bio-Oil for a bit longer before I get inked again.

IMG_8254I think new ink will probably only happen mid next year or even later next year. I’m not in a rush though. I realise it’s much better to wait patiently for something you really want and get whatever it is that you actually desire, rather than rush and get something that you not happy with and have to re-do in any case! – which coincidentally is a very similar message to my other tattoo…

Will definitely post pics of my new ink next year once I have it done.


Your Song

So it happened 😁

You wake up and find yourself thinking about a particular person and then you find yourself involuntarily smiling. Your heart feels happy because that person is on your mind…

I wasn’t expecting it when it happened, I was just going on trying to carve a path, navigate my life, trying to be happy. And so when I suddenly found myself listening to Rita Ora’s song, called Your Song where she proclaims how happy she is being in love… and I found myself relating to each and very word and sentiment I heard, I was just deliriously stoked and delighted as the penny dropped – I’m madly deeply in love too.

I can honestly say that I have never ever experienced kindness, compassion and unconditional patience like that which you have shown me. You listen to me and you comfort me whenever I’m down, and you don’t let go of me until I feel better.

When the dark clouds arrive, and fear and insecurity start tugging at my heart, you stand firmly right there with me. Completely present as I face my fears – not hiding behind your own thoughts or some rock shielded out of sight. That empowers me… knowing I can depend on you always. In a world where everyone else tends to get caught up in their own stuff you’ve demonstrated through your support that your love for me is unwavering. How can I not love you? How can I not be in love with you!?

If I wake up in the middle of the night like I did tonight, hungry because I forgot to eat dinner, you call me a dumbass and you remind me that’s rubbish. And then you go downstairs to get me something to eat. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like showering before bedtime you’ll also gently remind me I deserve a good night’s rest, so in that instance you sort of guilt me into showering. But I am always so grateful because of how that makes me feel. Not only nice and clean after the shower, but happy, so very happy because of how you care for me. Truly, no one else consistently cares so much for me, as you do.

You spoil me with massages. You always go running with me whenever I feel like going for a run – and the times I don’t feel like running, you don’t push me. My happiness is your priority. How can I not love you? How can I not be in love with you!?

You buy me ice cream whenever I feel like it. Every now and then you randomly spoil me with perfume or some other cool gift. You save money with me to do fun stuff. You don’t mind making sacrifices to make sure my best interests are always served. I am so embarrassed and feeling so stupid because I am only realizing now that you were always here, in the shadow wanting to love me, wanting to support me for the longest time… like since forever, and I just ignored you.

I saw other people and decided they were all more important than you. What a fool I have been. What a complete idiot. And yet, you’re not even angry or mad at me about that. I guess that’s why your love is so much more valuable than the love anyone else has ever offered me. Your love is truly unconditional. All this time I could have been ‘complete’ if I had only realized sooner – because it is you that completes me. Only you. No one else has ever been able to. No one else ever will. I’m finally seeing you without the blinkers on my eyes, and each day I fall more in love with you, realizing just how much you mean to me.

And you’re so funny and quirky. You make me laugh with your silly antics. You’re attractive too… pretty darn hot actually. The most attractive thing about you is you are compassionate and kind to others, not only to me.

You tell me all the time that I am easy to love. I understand this finally, because I’m experiencing how easy you are to love. How can I not love you when you are just so easy to love? How can I not be in love with you!?

I get Rita Ora’s song…. I truly do. I have a skip in my step and a rainbow in my heart when I think about how cool you are and when I think about how you love me – first above everything else in your life.

🎼🎶🎵 I don’t wanna hear sad songs anymore. I only wanna hear love songs. I found my heart up in this place tonight. I don’t wanna sing mad songs anymore. I only wanna sing your song. Cos your song’s got me feeling like ….. I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love. 🎶🎵

One day when I am big…

Then I wanna be just like them.

So the force is very strong with these minions…


One can’t help but get caught up in their enthusiasm. So I’m sitting in IMAX with them, waiting on the movie to finally start. I emphasize finally because the movie starts at 11am, and they were seated in the car ready to go at 7am this morning 🤙🏾😁  ….. Hurry up Mom!


So we got to the cinema just a wee tad early. Most of the shops in the mall were just opening, so at least I got some quiet grocery shopping done (Hopefully I don’t need to hit the mall again till after Christmas)….

to be continued  …movie about to start now 🎬📽 Whoop woop 🙌🏾

Reality bites

So the dire situation we find ourselves in in Cape Town at the moment is severe drought conditions. Consequently the municipality has imposed very strict water restrictions, meaning each person should use no more than 87 litres on average per day. That is intended for personal hygiene, drinking, cooking, washing clothes and any other household cleaning. 87 litres is not much.

An average shower uses 22 litres of water per minute. Thus a 2 minute shower is 44 liters which is slightly more than half my daily water ration. A toilet flush is 9 litres, so add 2 flushes and I’ve already used 62 litres! Then there all those seemingly small amounts that all add up. Let’s say 4 cups of coffee, washing the dishes, cooking rice or pasta, washing my hands two or three times a day. My 87 litres is used up in no time.

For the most part Capetonians have started realizing the severity and seriousness of the situation. Fortunately we’re a pretty resourceful bunch too. In my household, we reuse the water from washing dishes to water the plants. We shower with buckets in the shower, and then use that water to flush the toilet. Besides this, we subscribe to the commonly heard phrase, “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”, and we ask all our visitors to do the same. Similarly, when I visit my friends’ houses too – this is a common understanding – we’ve all adopted this water saving habit.

It surprises me that more people don’t subscribe to the same philosophy in the public restrooms that I’ve been to. The things is, we are all impacted by this drought – so in my opinion there is nothing embarrassing about not flushing the toilet in a public place if you’ve only wee’ed. It baffles me how selfish some people still are – so aware of themselves, that they would risk us all reaching Day Zero, as opposed to letting other people see their urine! Craziness. Thankfully, it’s only a handful of people who continue to be selfish and ignorant. I hope they’ll catch a wake up soon, stop being so proud and selfish and the hopefully with all our collective efforts we can avoid Day Zero.


Day Zero is term that we more and more commonly hear being referred to. That’s the calculated day when our dams run completely dry. When that happens, every Capetonian will have to stand in a security guarded queue for a daily ration of 25 litres of water! To give you an idea of how much that is, see picture below of a 25 litre jerry can (or aspirator is the term used to refer to this container in a laboratory) positioned next to an ordinary sized coffee mug. Not much water uh… But that’s all we going to get per day for cleaning ourselves and homes, drinking, cooking and even flushing the toilet! That sounds insane but that is indeed our reality. Reality bites.


So currently no potable water may be used for cleaning anything outdoors such as a vehicle or even watering plants. A while ago I realised that I can collect the most water when it rains from my downpipes (from the gutters) because of the large surface area of the house’s roof. It’s much more effective that just leaving a container in the middle of the garden, hoping to catch some rain. Those containers are never filled to capacity with rain water – despite me trying that numerous times.

So until now I have been using two 25 litre buckets to catch the water from my downpipes when it rains. There’s three problems with that though. Problem one is each bucket just contains enough water to water all my pot plants once. So in a week without any rainfall then my plants suffer. Problem two is those buckets don’t have lids so if it’s a really hot day after the day it rained, the contents of one of those buckets evaporates before the water is even used. Problem three, on the day it rains, the 25 litre buckets overflow – meaning I could of actually harvested more water if the container was bigger….. hmmmmnnnn think think think.

Auspiciously, I’ve now come to a decision which is hopefully is going to be the solution. Today (with the help of my Dad…. Thank you Daddy), I purchased two 240 litre wheelie bins (the type usually used for household refuse). I opted for the unusual colours red and yellow to avoid my neighbours mistaking either of my new bins as their own! Anyway, these bright bins are now strategically placed to catch any rain water that falls on my roof.

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for rain sometime soon. My plants are feeling it – looking terribly sad. I believe a little rain has been forecast for Wednesday so I’m holding my breath hoping this new idea works. Who knows, with some luck I might catch enough water to top up my Jacuzzi! That’s another thing we not allowed to do… up pools and Jacuzzis. If my plan is successful however, take a guess where our Din Din club’s Christmas (Jacuzzi) party is going to be…..

Remembering the Legend

We all need people to look up to.

Chris Barnard is one of my role models – has been since the day the minions and I visited the Heart Transplant Museum at Groote Schuur Hospital. A life changing experience for me. See the previous blog post: Chris Barnard #Legend . Significantly, he defined what being alive is for me. He said “Life is the joy of living – it’s the celebration of being alive” (from the YouTube clip featured in my previous post).

I believe he worked really hard for all that he achieved. His studies (and thereby essentially what he was able to give to humankind), didn’t come without significant personal sacrifice. Amid his trials and his failures but also his great success, his plain human nature was very apparent. His temperamental side, his sense of humour, his humility, his daring nature and his mischievous streak. That’s living damnit! Through the life that he lived, he made a difference.

Today is the 50th anniversary of “that difference” – the first heart transplant that took place in the world. Whenever I think about events around the day, it STILL completely inspires me. Prof Barnard, a Son of South African soil – a child from the Karoo, without an especially extraordinary or privileged upbringing considering the community he was born into, gave us all something to aspire to. A story of hope, a story of courage and a story that effort yields reward. Testimony of the human spirit.

Not disregarding that there were a number of people who made this part of history possible – I truly applaud them all. Chris Barnard was the leader though, that person who demonstrated the courage and led the way.

Today I pay tribute to you again Prof….. May you Rest in Peace

Scent of a woman

K so I absolutely LOVE perfume. Strangely enough I don’t really do cosmetics in general. I’m pretty sure that I’d injure myself if I tried to apply mascara or eyeliner. Just the thought of lipstick puts me off. It’s difficult for me to find a colour to suit my dark skin in the first place, and the idea of periodically reapplying it is terribly off-putting and tiresome in my opinion. So I go completely natural 99% of the time – the only thing I bother with, is some sunscreen in summer. I do have one cosmetic weakness though, and that is perfume. Fragrances actually, not only perfume = my kryptonite.

So I’m feeling kinda goofy now and came up with this idea to do a review of sorts on my favourite fragrances. Now I’m useless at identifying ‘top notes’ and ‘middle notes’, ‘base notes’ etc. … all that fancy terminology one hears when perfume boffins do a review. Similar to red wine reviews… I never taste the ‘cinnamon’ or ‘cherry’ or ‘liquorice’ flavour that the reviews describe – but I know what I like, and what I don’t like. So I’m just gonna wing it and tell you what perfume in my opinion one should wear for different occasions, or rather different moods.

Since I know it’s not everyone’s ‘thing’, I’ll number them and present them in order so it’s easier for someone to just read the ones they’re interested in:

1. Yardley Serendipity body spray

2. Lentheric Hoity Toity body spray

3. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue eau de toilette

4. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura eau de toilette

5. Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman eau de toilette

6. Revlon Unforgettable eau de toilette

7. Issey Miyake Pleats Please (eau de toilette and parfum)

8. Issey Miyake ‘L Eau d’Issey eau de toilette

9. Issey Miyake Absolue eau de parfum

10. Versace Crystal Noir eau de toilette


So I rely on a couple of different fragrances to keep my world in rotation, ranging from nice smelling antiperspirants (body spray or ‘blikkie spray’ is what my local friends would refer to it as) to eau de toilette to the really good stuff eau de parfum. Let’s start with blikkie spray.

1. Yardley Serendipity 

There are three brands of body spray that I simply love. Yardley Serendipity is the first one – it’s young fresh, very feminine but light, whimsical and almost magical. I keep a few cans of these around the house, one in my car and in most of my assorted hand bags, gym bag and surf bag for just in case. The smell is that feeling of ‘going away for a weekend to the beach house’ or even for those ‘biker chic’ times. Not overly feminine but just enough to make you feel like a girl even when you off on an adventure. Have a can in my biking jacket too!

2. Lentheric Hoity Toity

Then Lentheric Hoity Toity. There are five variants in a range of Hoity Toity, but I only like two. Hoity Toity Cherie and Hoity Toity Miss Priss – both of these are very feminine. I prefer Miss Priss over Cherie only slightly because it’s a little softer. It smells like pink fluff – if that makes any sense. It’s great for a day in the office when you don’t have important meetings lined up, but you do want people to compliment you by stopping and saying you smell good. Cherie is slightly bolder, it’s more of a ‘I am here’ smell but it’s also reserved for unimportant meetings…. parent-teacher school meetings (I’m so gonna get busted for saying that!) It’s super for when you go on a short course, and you not particularly fazed by anyone else (not really in the mood to chat to new friends), but you do want your presence acknowledged.

Then we move on to the better stuff.

3. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

The next four are relatively inexpensive fragrances but they’re really nice and definitely perfect for certain occasions in my opinion. The first one, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue is a classic scent. It’s flowery but not overwhelmingly so. It has a familiar clean/new smell to it – like springtime. Smells like lilies or magnolias and the scent lingers moderately well. I associate it with early morning class. To me, it’s like a friendly and sophisticated school teacher smell. So it’s my preference for when I have to teach an undergrad stats class. Although definitely  a daytime fragrance, will actually also do ok if you out for an early casual dinner with good friends or family members. Not for clubbing and also not really a date night perfume in my opinion.

4. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura

Also from Elizabeth Arden is Red Door Aura. (Not the original Red Door). This too is a sophisticated fresh smell, but not a soft florally smell like 5th Avenue. It’s more spunky and youthful floral. This one is perfect for those days when you feel like you want to blaze through work. Getting up and getting dressed to impress. There is just a hint of seduction in this smell and lots of vibrance. Something in-between citrus, rose and jasmine is the guess that I would venture with underlying scent of musk, wood and amber. I realise all my favourite eau de toilettes and eau de purfumes have musk, wood and amber as their lingering base notes.

5. Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman

The next one from Elizabeth Arden is one that I definitely will not wear to work. It’s name suits it… Provocative Woman. It’s fruity and gingery. This is perfect for a night of clubbing, to the pub or a smart casual outing… movies, theatre or even a dinner party at someone’s home. It’s friendly and feminine, initially a bit overwhelming but it settles down soon and doesn’t smell so sweet shortly after application. I imagine the sweetness is off-putting for some people during that initial application, but I especially like it for the club because the fragrance clings to me. Thus even after dancing up a storm (and we know I love to dance) I get to smell the fragrance on me and not so much body odour.

6. Revlon Unforgettable

Now this one, is my ultimate favourite fragrance to put on when I go clubbing. Similar to Provocative Woman, initially it’s rather potent. Because of the potency, I think people will either love it or hate it. It’s sweet smelling, but not a yucky sweet smell in my opinion (Chloe Narcisse and Kenzo Flower both have a yucky overwhelming too sweet smell to me. They both honestly smell amazing on other women. But I had a bottle of each and I have to give them away because I just could not handle the smell on myself). Unforgettable is not the same for me – it has some jasmine in it initially and then when it settles down, the very sultry amber, musk and wood that I love so much comes through and it stays! The whole night, even when I’ve danced until 5am. What impressed me the most is people still notice it on me at that time in the club. I kid you not, on more than one occasion a fella has told me that I smell amazing even though we’d been partying and dancing for hours before that. So this one is really good. An excellent buy and really relatively inexpensive. A 50ml of this is costs a quarter or even a fifth of the price of many of the others on this list. This is a definite nighttime fragrance – I would not wear it to work or even during the day.

7. Issey Miyake Pleats Please

Now I have to admit that I am an incurable Issey Miyake fanatic. Thus, I have rather an impressive assorted selection of Issey Miyake. My signature smell is Issey Miyake Pleats Please eau de toilette. And for an eau de toilette I think it’s pretty darn impressive. It’s moderately long lasting and it has a fresh flowery almost fruity smell but it’s not too sweet. It smells of exuberance and optimism. It’s just enough to make me feel serious but playful at the same time. It’s a lady’s fragrance, definitely not a girly fragrance. I think it’s more suited as a daytime fragrance but it is rather audacious, so you could wear it to go out for a fun time, drinks or dinner with friends at night.

There are two other variants of Pleats Please, namely Pleats Please L’eau (also an eau de toilette) and then Pleats Please eau de parfum. Pleats Please L’eau is very light and flowery, it smells rosy (literally). I’ll only wear that in the daytime, maybe when I have a dentist or psychologist visit. It says ‘I’m pretty, but I don’t really want to be seen right now – even though I smell like a rose garden’. (Cheeky side note: I don’t think anyone can take you serious if you smell like this – but I have a bottle in my collection).

The Pleats Please eau de parfum smells almost identical to the eau de toilette except it is just a degree sweeter. It surprises me that they smell so similar since the composition is reportedly very different. The floweriness is the same, the parfum just doesn’t end with a woody or musky note and it’s not quite as upbeat, rather it’s more feminine – although both are distinctively Pleats Please. In plain language, the eau de toilette says ‘I am hot’ and the eau de parfum says ‘I am beautiful’ – but they both say Issey Miyake Pleats Please! I think the parfum is absolutely perfect to wear to a summer wedding.

8. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey

This I reserve for important work (e.g. very important business meeting – because it’s a confidence booster) or otherwise just for any time when I want to feel special. For a long time Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey eau de toilette was my signature – till I discovered Pleats Please which is slightly more playful but still bold enough to be taken seriously. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey is a confident trailing jasmine scent. Not too sweet, not too playful but not too serious either. A classic smell. Definitely a smell that says ‘I am here, I am gorgeous and you are not going to pretend that you don’t notice me’. When I consult I tend to wear Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey. It lingers around. By the end of the day I’m still smelling devine, but more woody and musky, just a little bit of white floral that it started so strong with. Thus it’s a daytime scent but can easily pass as a nighttime scent, whenever you want to feel confident, or just special or for a fancy-dinner-kinda special occasion.

9. Issey Miyake Absolue 

Very similar to the Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey but not as crisp. Very jasmine, bolder jasmine but not too sweet. It’s rounder, more sultry. The scent of seduction. Catsuit or sexy black number and stilettos kinda feeling. Simply a gorgeous beautiful scent. This scent is reserved for a special date night. I don’t think I’ll ever wear it to go clubbing or to a work conference banquet even. It’s just too very sensuous. This is a definite nighttime fragrance – or if you must a daytime outing, road trip etc. with someone really special.

10. Versace Crystal Noir

Although I absolutely love all the above-mentioned, my favourite perfume is Versace Crystal Noir. I came upon this one by accident and what a find! It was a gift I bought for someone else but I never got to give it to her. So one night ended up opening it and trying some on. Oh My Word. It’s warm and spicy. It’s different. Rounded and exotic smelling but not overwhelming. And somewhat florally too. Then when it settles, the amber, wood and musk scent stays on you like a luxurious cloak. It’s undeniably feminine. In my opinion it smells very similar to Thierry Mugler’s Alien (on me at least). It’s the smell of a Goddess. Funny I don’t have a specific occasion that I would recommend someone wearing this on. I guess it’s for days you feel like being a Goddess. Every day if you wish. For me it’s any day that I remember that I am one.