I inherited a course where the recommended textbook is like the presence of oreos in my house.  If there ever were any, they not there now, they don’t last, in fact they as mythical as the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause.  It’s definitely not available in South Africa and it’s always out of print.  Even when I was a student I just couldn’t get a copy of the book.  Later when I started lecturing, through sheer bit of luck I came across a copy for sale on Amazon.

Earlier this year I made an effort to try and identify and single out one particular textbook that I could use as a recommended text book for my stats classes.  However I just couldn’t find one that covered all the concepts that I covered with my students in Stats 3 (SQT300S) and Stats 4 (QTS400S).  The stats courses that I present have quality flavour so the content of the courses is centered the question: What statistical tool or method can I use to fix this problem or improve the quality of my process?

I managed to find excellent textbooks that presented all the topics that I covered in class, however not in a single book.  That was when I had the idea of writing my own stats text book: Applied Statistics for Quality Practitioners.  When I told my brother he just rolled his eyes.  That gets me super excited, if it sounds nuts then I definitely want to give it a go…….So this morning I published a new page in this blog entitled Statistics.  I shall start writing.  Let’s see how far we get uh.  Drinks on me if it ever gets published 😉