Tonight’s post I’ll dedicate to a lovely young man Phillip who turns 10 today.  He is a delightful little boy, with such a pleasant demeanor and personality.  If anyone believed that phoney bad boy facade that Phillip’s dad puts on for the world you’d genuinely be forgiven for not even realising who’s boy Phillip is.  However if you manage to take just a bit of time to just hang around and observe them together, you’ll be reminded of what a remarkable dad should be like.  Richest Birthday Blessings and Congratulations to both of them!

 And now to get on with my literature review.  My assignment due for draft revision before midnight is 1000 words outlining my conceptual framework.  I wish I had a conceptual framework already.  I know these things take time.  With every revision I’m hoping it will become clearer, but at the moment things are still very very hazy.  At the moment the keywords are Quality (Improvement?), Educational Technologies, Resistance to change.  I just cant for the life of me…..cant yet convince myself that understanding resistance to change is a actually a quality improvement.  And I know if I cant convince myself, then I have a problem.  Before I can start writing persuasively and captivatingly about it, I must be able to make sense of it in my own squashie. I can’t.  Well certainly not yet.

  Anyways…best I stop ‘jabbering’ and start ‘lit reviewing’ then hey.  Catch you on the flip side.