Today was a iffy weirdio shoop-dedoop snap crackle and pop kinda day.  It felt as crazy as the weather Cape Town’s currently experiencing.  First I didn’t sleep well, but I didn’t feel tired when I got out of bed and started writing a section on Pareto Analysis for the blog/stats text book.

Then I went to proposal class.  I got so-so feedback from my facilitator.  I’m so pleased with myself at how well I deal with feedback.  I remember feeling more sensitive when I started writing my Masters.  To see “red lines” and “comments” scrawled all over one’s work isn’t exactly the same as getting a surprise bunch of flowers from a friend, however you get used to it.  I have thicker skin now.  Not that Arona does the “red lines” or “the comments with 50 exclamation marks” proceeding them.  She’s really very sweet and very tactful.  I appreciate that.  

Research Design Day

Research Design Day

Back on the Game Changer – I need to finalise a topic.  It’s not even funny.  I have to remind myself that it most probably will change anyway.  I need to find something that is good enough, even if it’s not great.  Today the focus of the course was on research design and I felt lost.  I really would like to do qualitative research, purely because I’ve never done it before.  It’s just critical I start forcing myself to commit.

So my plan is read up about Design Based Research.  It’s the buzz word in my course…that latest fad I believe, along with educational technologies.  Everyone it seems, just about everyone in my course want to do research related to educational technologies.  It appears I’m not such a trendsetter after all.  Oh well never mind that.  I will live.  My focus is sort of just wanting to get on with the job now – this time round I’m not aiming for a Cum Laude.

Then I managed to get my exam prep sorted (exam prep for my Stat 3 and Stats 4 students not my own exam!)  The question papers have been submitted and that’s one thing that’s nice to be able to tick off my to-do list.  Also much to my surprise I had a good stats lesson with my most difficult class this evening.  This particular class has a reputation among all the campus staff as a ‘difficult bunch’.  Every now and then – not often, but sometimes, I have a good class with them anyway.  That’s always just sublime.

Finally very happy news, I signed a four month contract today to work for a international pharmaceutical company as a….Drum roll….”Quality Assurance Consultant!  Oh my word, Shjoe.  It’s just a contract, but that’s what I studied all those years for.  Finally.  I’m having moment.  Bitter sweet.  Missing Robin.

Yep… a ffy weirdio shoop-dedoop snap crackle and pop kinda day.