Hands raised waving a white flag, with sincerity I apologise with genuine child-like humility if the title line annoys or even infuriates anyone.  And I’m the first to admit, that I am most probably just not cultured enough to appreciate the beauty of poetry. One day when I’m big, then maybe I’ll be cultured…

My very question stems from me quizzing myself and I am wondering, What is it that I’m missing? More than that, Why am I missing it?

I absolutely love words, make no mistake. I love playing with words, I love the sound of different words and different word combinations. I’ve always loved reading and it’s somewhat sad for me that I never read for the pleasure of just reading anymore. Nowadays, whenever I read, (and I still read a lot), it is always related to work or studies. I am fortunate though, because due to the fact that I love reading, by implication I love my work.

So could the reason why I’m anti-poetry…(holly har did I say “anti-poetry”?) be because of a boy who once invited me to a poetry reading? I completely fell for the idea and for him! But by the end of my getting to know him, it left me feeling it was a just a mere facade that some guys will use to win girls over. Far-fetched maybe?..possibly?, Maybe. On many other occasions I have tried getting into poetry, but I just don’t get it.

So yesterday my friend tells me he writes poetry and I start thinking about this whole situation. Me thinks, I love listening to the lyrics of songs, and isn’t that a form of poetry? Probably right hey… Maybe I need a musical backdrop to appreciate poetry? Naaah, I think more likely the truth is probably I’m a lost cause.

Then I remember, that funny enough there is just one poem that absolutely love

 Krisis deur Elizabeth Eybers:

Dis hier waar ons twee skei
— jy hart en ek,
albei tot afskeid so onvoorbereid.

Die weg was lieflik waarlangs jy gelei‘t maar dis verby,
al staar jy terug.
Nou strek die pad langs klowe, afgrond en moeras.

Voortvarend en ’n lafaard soos altyd
en nooit in staat tot enige besluit,
en siek daarby, is jy nou net ’n las

Jy was die gas en gasheer by die fees,
die seremoniemeester en die nar:
jou dwase raad kan net die hoof verwar
waar elke tree die laaste tree mag wees
kyk, dit word laat, die kermis is verby,
kan jy dit nie begryp? Hier moet ons skei.

So when I read the words now again after so many years, I still remember exactly why I just love this poem! I love it because I relate to it completely. I know how the author feels. I think I know EXACTLY how this lady felt. I’ve been there before, and at a point where I literally wanted a surgical heart removal, because I allowed my stupid heart to dictate my actions when the should have let my head dictate the way. We live and we learn, literally.

So I suppose that’s the key. I also suppose that’s why I love music. The melody catches my attention, the it’s the words that keeps my attention and affection. Maybe it’s just a simple matter of me not yet finding the right poetry bundle, or the certain author that I relate to. But enough, maybe some day, one day……when I’m big, I’ll be cultured. Moving along.

So this morning I met with my M. Tech students for a work session. Those two ladies inspire me. Such a pleasure to work with them…and on that thought I think I should start working on my own proposal again.

Till then, later alligator