Look… it’s not you, It’s me. You are really amazing, you are. You so special, you completely caught my eyes and captured my heart.

But I just can’t see it working.

If I’m brutally honest with myself, you just can’t offer me what I want. This is heartbreaking for me. I wish it was different, but I cant force it. I really am shattered.

I had this conversation with my research design. It sucked. Anyone who spoke to me recently would know how completely enthralled I was with Design Based Research (DBR). Gosh I was trying to convince everyone who I knew was doing research that DBR was the only way to go for their research too. For an in-depth true understanding, a satisfying research method experience that will uncover the true answer to your research question or (for my stats friends…) to prove your alternate hypothesis without a doubt!

But alas, DBR is not my answer. Ethnography is the surprise victor, the dark horse that appeared from nowhere, the research methodology that I will use to conduct research. Just googling the word ethnography it becomes clear, it’s a research method to study culture – which is what my research is about.

That being said, at present, I don’t quite know how on earth to conduct an Ethnography. In fact, I have only just learned to properly pronounce the word. But never mind that, never mind…we’ll figure that out later. I bought a motorbike before I could ride. I got this.