Temporary setback….let me just state that upfront. Mostly to convince myself that it’s not so bad.

But it is pretty hectic.

I finally opened DUT’s reference guide (style guide), and their prescribed version of Harvard has page numbers with each in-text reference. So irony of irony, it resembles the Watkins style guide very closely – and everyone at DISE (the new folk) gawks about my Prof Watkins. In my mind’s eye I can actually see him smiling..knowingly. And I can even imagine him saying something like “Kan jy sien Liefie, jy moes maar net gemaak het soos wat ek vir jou geleer het“.

Anyhooooooo, it’s one of those situation where there is jack-sh*t I can do but go back and fix it. What this means is that for the 37 pages that I have written so far, I must go back to each reference, go find the original PDF (Thank Goodness and thanking my lucky stars that I’m in the habit of saving PDFs of everything I reference!), and find the page number of the section that I used. This wont be a quick simple task……but so it goes.

Without a style guide to start with I used the most commonly accepted version of Harvard, as prescribed by AOSIS journals. It was a calculated risk. And this time it didnt work out. But moving on. Aluta Continua