Come winter cold or rain but students soldier on.

2015-06-29 21.07.45

When the weather is bad people tend to want to stay indoors and relax. Hot chocolate and movies under the covers and listen to the rain beat down outside. But Harvard research has indicated that although some people stop working, most are more productive. This, because the weather outside is bad, too rainy or cold to be enjoyed.

So my fellow students, some of my personal tips:

1) Hot tea or coffee but be careful of too much sugar. Tea is better than coffee because it contains less caffeine and contains natural antioxidants.

2)  Layers of clothes, blankets, beanies, scarves, finger-less gloves (for typing:)). This is much better than a heater, which dries out the air leaves you vulnerable to getting infections.

3) When the weather clears up – even just a little bit, take a break and get outside for some vitamin D. Very important. Never underestimate the vital requirement of sunshine. When it’s available, grab it!

Otherwise, make use of these cold days…..they wont last forever (thankfully), and when spring starts to grace us with her presence, we don’t wanna be caught indoors with loads of catch up. Excuse the corny …May hay while the sun shines, or rather Write a Thesis when the sun does not shine