Ridiculous words that I just made up now, but all for good reason.

Exhaustarated because I stayed up till 2:30 this morning finishing the preparation and PowerPoint presentation for a workshop that I am presenting on Research Design and Methodology on Saturday. I desperately wanted to just finish it, so I just kept chipping at it.

I literally couldn’t bear to shut the PC down at about 11pm last night when I thought I was almost done, so I continued and before I knew it, it was already 2:30. I am really happy with the finished product:) So so very happy. No, I am completely stoked, thrilled AMPED and so in my noppies dude.

Exciterated because I compared “Putting a research project together” to a visit to “Build-a-Bear”. Like the Build-a-Bear shop, all the elements are available to select from. It is up to the owner of the research project/bear to select those element that best suit them/the project. I took my daughter to Build-a-Bear for her birthday a few years ago and she designed her own teddy bear from scratch. First choose its fur, then she stuffed it, then put a stuffed heart in it, then clothed it and was issued a birth certificate for Princess Sarah.

Many of us do the same for our research, don’t we? Like Micaiah’s ‘Princess Sarah’, my ‘Lean Six Sigma Approach to the Selenium Analysis Process’ was a personal exercise……Uhmmm gosh. Did I just type that? eyes rolling – Maybe I need a life, as I typed that I felt sorry for myself.

Anyway, Still, research tickles my fancy. I’ve include three activities in the workshop – two individual reflective activities and one group activity. All I need to do now is find a few articles on data collection methodologies for the students to examine in the group activity. And also of course make arrangements for a flip chart, some coloured markers and some tea and cookies for the tea break. Fun up ahead.

I hope it goes well. I’m having this workshop with B. Tech students but it’s equally relevant to M. Tech students. So if it goes well, this workshop will be a pilot for a M. Tech workshop. The spin-off effect for me is the more I present on research design and facilitate sessions on it, the more familiar I become with a broad range of research concepts. Learning is amazing! I love it, love it, love it!

If anyone wants a copy, inbox me!  sharing is caring…..