Hmmm well, I don’t ever want to post long boring posts but again so much has transpired since the last time I posted anything . In fact, when some of the events happened I was just gobsmacked, and I didn’t have words to express what was going on. But I’ll make an attempt and try my darn best to be as brief as possible.

CPUT… Where do I begin, Fubar?, maybe that sounds rude, but by gosh golly darn it holly har. Then we were writing the 9 Nov, then student protests postponed it to the 16th Nov, then more student protest postponed it and lecturers were chased out of our offices . The campus was vandalized. We were told to stay away from work, then told to come back and just before we went back, we were told to stay away again. Then we went back, then the student forced lecturers out of the our offices again. We were told exams would be the 24th Nov.

Then students flooded the exam venue. Police descended on the campus. Student protested in a very threatening way, sticks in hand. Police shot at them. I witnessed this, heard the shots and saw the smoke, the police running with riot shields and helmets. I left the campus. I cried. I spent time trying to placate my own students who were justifiably angry and upset and frustrated. After that my back went into spasm, and that night I developed a migraine of note. I reckon I had a half a bottle of rescue remedy drops, four panados and four relicalms. I should have just had a half jack of whisky. My balloon deflated. I half heartedly stagger onto campus every now and then. I refused to dye my hair out of defiance – I’m weird I know, I need some time, but I’m hopeful next year will bring some renewed vigour. We hoping that final exams happen next year from 11 Jan to 22 Jan – that same time that I’m registered to attend the African Doctoral Academy Summer School. What a Bugger-up…That’s the summarized version

PhD Matters…Moving on to nicer things, through it all I managed to make contact with my principal supervisor at DUT. And she saw my work and she gave me feedback already. Big smile. Dr. Shalini Singh is on the ball. Step in the right direction. Her comments didn’t sting as much as Prof Moll’s did because most of them are because I have never consulted with her before. However, more than that the happiest of happy news is I am registered for a DPhil: Quality Management, and not a DTech Quality. It’s just a name difference, but quite frankly I much prefer the DPhil: Quality Management! She is coming to visit us at CPUT for two days next week for our first proper consultations with her. And we have been summoned to attend a Post Graduate meeting in which we will have to present our work, with a Gantt Chart to the rest of the Post Graduate students. Yes, yes indeed, moving along nicely, I dare say.

My Dad’s 60th Birthday…

2015-11-28 19.28.13

Death by chocolate, My handiwork

And Robin’s Dad’s 93rd Birthday…

2015-11-21 07.39.04

Rob’s dad asked for a ‘Blonde’ for his birthday…and smart kids like Rob and I figured out just what to do, to make sure that he got his birthday wish – some more of my handiwork

Finally Movies under the stars…The minions and I and our friend Sara watched Armageddon at the Galileo open air cinema at Kirstenbosch. Lovely, lovely experience. I would highly recommend it for your to-do list this summer. Tickets are R79, but for extra R20 you can get a blankie and a chair and you can either  buy food and wine there, or take along a picnic basket.

2015-12-02 19.00.53

Looking cool with my blue shades


Couple of other fun stuff we have planned. Cape Town Sevens this weekend and a trip to Robben Island early next year…School’s out and summer holidays are here…Let the fun begin