So I was fortunate enough to go to both days (Saturday and Sunday) of the Cape Town 7s. It was super awesome off the hook cool! The blitzbokke were playing rather shabbily the first day – I really didn’t have high hopes that they would make it into the finals. But the blitzbokke gave their fans the best gift ever, They won the finals!

The vibe around the stadium was electrifying. Now I also know, the 7s tournament is like a big costume party. People come and hang around the stadium for the day, eating, drinking, chatting to mates and watching some lekker fast paced rugby. Fun times. Great way to kick off summer.

Viva le Blitzbokke! Go bokke, go bokke, go bokke! Ma se kinners, julle is te Oulik! Epic weekend. Doing it next year again for sure.