Life is quiet at the moment but life is busy.


Its 3:03am on a Friday morning. I started to feel fluish (muscles aching) yesterday and so I started taking meds. I don’t know if this is the reason why I find myself wide awake now in the middle of the night. Not sure if my insomnia is related to me feeling sick, me taking meds or related to my hectic work schedule and to-do list or not.

I am currently enjoying my work tremendously despite it being challenging, because I’m slowly getting jobs done. There are practical jobs that I am completing and there are thought processes (ideas that I’ve been mulling over for other practical jobs that I must do) that are evolving. Overall I’m happy, no … I’m delighted that I am moving in a positive trajectory. I’m living purposefully and deliberately.

On an emotional level I have invested a lot of time and energy learning to, and dealing with my emotions in order to overcome any emotional blockages that could hinder me from living purposefully. I think I’ve gotten really good at dealing with emotions. I love the phrase Susan David uses #EmotionalAgility. I love the phrase Mark Manson uses even more! #EmotinalNinja

An interesting observation that I now have is feelings of fear and loneliness don’t hurt anymore like they used to. I have trained myself to see that fear is always the symptom of a deeper message from self to self. And Loneliness is just a thought. It’s not as easy as I’m making it sound. It takes a great deal of courage to firstly recognize fear for exactly what it is and then respond to it by calmly unpacking the reasons for it being there. In terms of loneliness, there was a great deal of pain surrounding me acclimatizing myself to the reality of not having a specific someone to share deep thoughts with and not feeling gutted about it, and also not feeling sorry for myself either.

I believe this was a not so obvious test of my faith… and also my ability to be happy with just living purposefully.

I don’t know what exactly the future has in store but I have a strong feeling about what it is that I must do. I also know that this is my one life. I know that every moment that I have now is a gift. And I know that I am grateful that I am not overwhelmed with negative emotions, because in the past six months I have trained myself to see every feeling that I have as a message (data) from my instrinsic self to make a decision. I am grateful that every little decision I take aligns me with my ultimate decision – which was to live purposefully.

The best way I can describe it is what I am feeling feels like an out of body experience to me now. I am not feeling as affected as I would have expected myself to be affected by the quiet moments in between the spurts of busyness. I wish for more, but I have peace with what is right now. I know that right for now, I’m doing the best that I can.